Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SNL Fact Check

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has never denied his liberal leanings, nor has anyone at that network. But never before has the public seen such blatant liberalism in protecting their prodigal son as Wolf's recent program.

Over the weekend, Fred Armisen portrayed Obama and took issue with his non-deliverance on any campaign pledge. The SNL Obama appeared in the Oval Office sighting each issue and his failure to deliver on every campaign pledge. From health care reform to Gitmo, the comedian Armisen, acting as the left's Messiah, proclaimed "I did nothing".

While I was stunned to see such a skit on a GE owned network, nothing could prepare me for Wolf Blitzer and his liberal cronies "fact-checking" the particular skit.

Blitzer devoted a sizable amount of his mediocre program towards discrediting the comedic performance.

I ask you all, has any news organization ever engaged in dissecting a scenario solely based on comedy?

Did Fox News ever discredit Tina Fey's portrayal of Sarah Palin? Or Will Ferrell's George W. Bush?

The answer is an emphatic "no".

The fact that CNN, which claims to be the world wide leader in news, would challenge a comedic performance of Obama only proves that the left can endure no criticism of their Messiah.

SNL has never been subject to "fact checking" until the show took aim at the left's golden boy.


Anonymous said...

It was a joke on a sketch show. I'm with you on this one, how can CNN expect to do fact checking on satire?

Anonymous said...

you conservatives are so pathetic...this is the best thing going in the republican party for you to blog about...i pity you

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