Friday, March 28, 2008

"Abraham Lincoln Was A Pretty Good Republican"

Not my line; that's a quote from Senator Obama who just wrapped up an appearance with the women on The View.

For thirty minutes Obama charmed an adoring crowd that was clinging to his every word. The first topic was the Reverend Wright controversy, in which he provided no direct answers to Elisabeth's inquisition. The normal empty rhetoric spewed by Obama passed for groundbreaking straight talk to the easily-convinced audience. He was effortlessly able to side step any questions that may actually have been thought-provoking, delivering merely carefully constructed campaign talking points.

It was an unimpressive television performance but it was necessary for Obama in order to further his appeal with women voters. His campaign photographers were flashing pictures throughout his portrayal as a legitimate candidate, which will surely be on the cover of his new campaign propaganda. He did nothing to suppress his arrogance either, foolishly stating he and Hillary will be friends after the primary and that he will go on to beat McCain in November.

I do not see this impressive ability of articulation the liberals claim he possesses. I see a political novice who has reached heights he never thought possible and is now a puppet of the Democrat Party. He endlessly preaches about change and how America is ready for new ideas and new faces; but upon closer examination of his campaign crew it is obvious that this is a deceptive concept. His supporters are the white, establishment-type Democrats which means it will be business as usual inside the Beltway.

And just to show the professionalism of the unbiased, impartial interviewers of ABC; the women concluded the show:

"John McCain, we'd still love to talk to you too"

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michele said...

I wonder how ugly that show would be? Can you imagine Barbara Walters and Whoppi Godlberg going against McCain? I don't think he would get the free pass media darling Obama keeps getting. How far do you think failing to answer questions the way Obama did would go?