Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Road From Here

McCain is the heir apparent and the Dems are in for a long battle; what a primary season it has been.

Mrs. Clinton had an incredibly good night yesterday but the math is still not adding up in her favor. Still, there is much speculation about a brokered convention, a convention wherein a handful of delegates will elect the Democratic nominee.

Mark my words: We will now witness the Clinton machine try desperately to have the elections in Michigan and Florida officially certified. Both contests were stripped of their delegates because their primary was too early for the DNC calendar. But with the election being so tight and Hillary winning both of the states, she will be relentless in making those votes count.

Obama must step it up and begin taking a hard-line against Mrs. Clinton. Additionally, the media owes it to the American people to begin throwing hardball questions at him. This is unprecedented for a front-runner to receive such treatment from journalists, they are not probing him whatsoever. Anyone remember Rezko? He's the man on trial for manipulation and bribery in Illinois who also donated thousands to Obama's campaign. Ironic that the New York Times let that slip under the radar.

This Democratic primary must drag on because once the general arrives Senator McCain is not allowed to take the kind of shots these two are currently exchanging. For if he does start to throw that kind of fire around, you better believe the liberal media will surely brand him a bigot.

Quite the double standard...

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