Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Goes Down

Well yet another politician has fallen from grace with the recent scandal that has rocked New York. Governor Eliot Spitzer has publicly acknowledged his involvement in a prostitution ring; calling for the services of 'Kristen' on February 13th at a D.C. area hotel. It seems as though the politicians who claim to be made of higher moral principles are usually the ones caught in this type of behavior (Think 'family values' Larry Craig and a certain men's room in the Minneapolis airport).

Spitzer was known as 'the sheriff of Wall Street' vowing to clean up the corruption there and bring their behavior to a level that was acceptable by his standards. We now know that was all empty campaign rhetoric, as Spitzer is reduced to nothing more than a hypocrite.

Mrs. Spitzer was at his side during the press conference yesterday looking as though she had lost the will of independence, hanging on the arm of a man who had just violated the sanctity of marriage (and on the eve of Valentine's Day to boot). During the broadcast, an individual was more inclined to watch her and the emotionless expression on her face than listen to Spitzer fight for his political life.

Not surprisingly, the political spin is in full swing. The New York republicans in the state legislature as well as the Republican Governors Association have called upon the disgraced Spitzer to resign his office. If that does happen he would be handing power down to Lieutenant Governor Dave Paterson, a 54 year old African American who is legally blind (He would be the first blind governor in this nation's history).

Prior to the Bill Clinton era, Spitzer would have been finished in the public life. But because of the incredibly low standards Slick Willy has set, I would give Spitzer a 50/50 chance at staying in power.

Oh and there is a primary in Mississippi today which Obama will win by a very wide margin.

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