Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Very Touchy Subject

Bill Cunningham is a conservative radio personality out of Cincinnati who hosts a nationally-syndicated talk show. When John McCain appeared at a rally with him yesterday, Cunningham used Obama's full name three times when talking about his platform and the liberal media is fuming. John McCain sincerely apologized for his comments and once again displayed he is a medical miracle; that is being born without a spine.

Barack Hussein Obama- This is the man's name. This is not an insult. For years we have referred to Mrs. Clinton as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I knew this day would finally come; I can't believe it took this long actually. The moment a conservative uses Barack's full name, he is dismissed as a bigot.

Senator Obama is receiving unprecedented treatment from the liberal media. When a candidate is anointed as the front-runner, traditionally the press is relentless in their investigations into his past. But I have not seen any investigative reporting going on here. The Clinton News Network jumps on the New York Times garbage regarding McCain, even the news of the Clinton Machine losing money received ample air time; which brings us back to Mrs. Clinton's line of the evening at the debate: "Does he (Barack) need another pillow?"

The Maverick has caved yet again to liberal pressure and has denounced Cunningham for his remarks. As a result of yet another act of cowardly appeasement by McCain, Cunningham announced he will now be supporting Hillary Clinton.

How many bridges is McCain willing to burn?

Barack Hussein Obama folks; this is not a slanderous wisecrack; it is the man's name.

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