Sunday, February 10, 2008

A good night but not enough...

Mr. Huckabee had a reason to celebrate last evening with a victory in Louisiana and a near 3-1 landslide win in Kansas. He also lost a nail biter in Washington state which was just called for McCain this morning. Sadly for Huck, these wins will not bring him anywhere near being the nominee come September.

The Louisiana win was essentially a beauty pageant because even though Huck won he will not receive any delegates at this time. A candidate must break 50% to earn the delegates and Huck fell a bit short in that regard.

If Huck wins every contest from this moment until the convention (he's trailing McCain in Virginia by 20 points however) with 50% of the vote, McCain will still get the nod. Most states remaining are not winner-take-all delegate states, they award delegates based upon the percentage of the vote the candidate receives. While Huck will be winning more delegates, McCain will continue to add to his colossal lead with each state regardless of whether he wins or not.

So why does Huck stay in the race even when Romney did the political math and decided to exit? Well unlike Mitt, Huck is not running on his money. This election is not costing him anything. The fund raising continues to flow in (albeit not as voluminous as it once was) and people forget that Huckabee is a former governor who is essentially out of work currently. Also, it serves as a reminder to the maverick that he has a lot of work to do in earning the vote of the conservative wing of the party. McCain has not earned carte blanche over the party yet and every close contest or loss will only further remind him of that. I am certainly not opposed to Huck keeping McCain on his toes from now until the Twin Cities.

A quick note also; the Clinton News Network (CNN) confirmed my deepest fear over the Hillary machine Saturday night. While she was speaking to a crowd in Richmond, Virginia, CNN cut to a split screen when Bill was speaking at a rally in another part of Virginia. It is unprecedented for a spouse of a candidate to get simultaneous air time with the candidate herself. This is my fear; come November America could be entering into a co-presidency.

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michele said...

Another 4 or 8 years of Clinton is a scary thought. He has already made it clear that if asked he will sit in on cabinet meetings. Makes me think something needs to be put in place about spouses of ex presidents not being able to run into the constitution!