Monday, February 11, 2008

Trouble Ahead

I don't know about you, but I sure am relieved to finally see negative campaign stories coming from the Democrat party. Yesterday Mrs. Clinton went so far as to dismiss her campaign manager, in an effort to indicate a new direction for her campaign. The problem with the strategy however is incredibly simple: they don't have one. We have been hearing for months from the Clinton machine that this race would reach its pinnacle on Super Tuesday and Obama would be forced to concede defeat shortly thereafter. Only that is not what happened last week. After losing all four contests this weekend, Mrs. Clinton is in quite a predicament trying to do some quick delegate math and deciding which states to compete in.

The results of the Washington state primary are being disputed by Huck. The former governor is claiming the state chairman for the Washington GOP simply stopped counting after 87% of the vote had been tabulated, declaring McCain the victor. We shall see how this story unfolds but Huckabee can not afford leaving the results unchallenged.

By the way, did you notice how many shots Barack has taken at McCain lately? He has dramatically lessened his language on Hillary while really stepping up his criticism of the maverick. Is Obama's mind on the general already?

I think we all realize the severe ramifications shifting focus to the general election prematurely brings.

I know the Clintons do now.

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michele said...

It is amazing that Wisconsin wasn't really supposed to matter in the primaries, but the candidates seem to be shifting their focus here. Obama is visiting Waukesha and Chelsea has been stumping for her mom. Drudgereport posted an interesting caption about Chelsea pimping for her mom. The statement got a newsman suspended, but we saw her yesterday having a breakfast with a 21 year old superdelegate from Marquette. Maybe it is just me, but I haven't seen quite as much of Bill.