Monday, February 25, 2008

She's Had It!

Mrs. Clinton made it abundantly clear this weekend that she will be taking the gloves off for the rest of this campaign. She made several charismatic speeches slamming Obama and motivating her own base, even saying at one point "Shame on you (Obama)...". She has stepped up her campaign with her back against the wall coming into Super Tuesday II March 4th. This is the Hillary Clinton the public was familiar with prior to this campaign. She became much more subdued and restrained at the onset of this election and voters did not respond to that change well. They longed for the outspoken, opinionated and sometimes cynical Hillary. Now with her campaign bringing this persona out again, one has to wonder is it too late?

Barack Obama is walking a thin line right now as well. One of the elements people found the most appealing and magnetic was his soft-spoken and respectful demeanor towards his competition. Upon receiving the front-runner status now, his speeches have become much more abrasive and a bit hate-filled. He is taking shots at Hillary, McCain and the rest of the GOP constantly but this may turn off some of the independents who were leaning his way.

John McCain should keep a watchful eye on how these attacks among the Democrats are perceived by the American electorate. If his rhetoric and language against his opponent are too relentless or harsh, the media will certainly portray him as racist and/or sexist. This is a tough spot for the Maverick because the Karl Rove strategy for the GOP, a method that has had considerable success in the past, will not be applicable in 2008.

He'll need a new one and it better come pretty quickly.

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michele said...

It is going to get ugly. We will see classic Clinton. Remember the "vast right wing conspiracy?"

She is going to show her colors and I don't think it is going to play well with the voters. She has a lot against her mostly her name. If we see her starting to try and smear Obama rather than talking about what she can do people are going to be turned off. It will remind them of the divisive 8 years we had with Clinton. Amazing how while that guy was President he was lauded as being the most beloved president. Now people aren't too quick to want a return to that time.