Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Not Enough

Last night's Democratic debate on CNN offered no surprises or newfound momentum for Mrs. Clinton's campaign. I chose not to watch the show in its entirety because I felt I didn't have enough hard liquor in my apartment to make it through two hours of Bush-bashing and empty promises.

CNN's proclivity towards Hillary was completely unprofessional. The softball questions the moderators spoon-fed her did not pay off however. Hillary played it quite carefully, rarely changing her voice tone or showing any human emotion whatsoever. The debate essentially was a draw; but for the Clinton campaign who was in serious need for an exceptional showing, it was yet another missed opportunity.

I chose not to comment about this when the story broke yesterday but I wanted to observe how everything will play out. The story ran by the New York Times regarding Senator McCain's alleged relationship with a lobbyist was unfounded and completely unethical. I don't comprehend the reasoning behind printing such a story on the front page without any credible sources. Apparently this article had been in the works for several months, but the Times chose to print it only when McCain became the presumptive nominee for the general.

But this contemptible and debauched attack from the liberal media has shown severe repercussions. This ploy has united the Republican party behind John McCain better than anything McCain could have constructed on his own. And the man behind this new movement was McCain's most outspoken critic: Rush.

Prior to this, I predicted a solid win for the Democrats come November. Now with the publishing of this story that has served as a call to arms for the GOP; all bets are off.

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