Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Remember Rudy?

I do not think Mrs. Clinton does. Otherwise she would not be using the 'strategy' she believes will curb the momentum of Senator Obama.

Obviously, Mr. Giuliani began with immense national popularity but saw it dwindle away by essentially not competing in any early state, making Florida his 'last stand'. Well the Clinton machine believes they can employ this tactic and it will actually succeed this time around.

Texas and Ohio; two very important state primaries which will be holding their contests on March 4th. After losing the last eight elections and the delegate lead for the first time since Iowa, we can sense the desperation within her campaign. That is why they have gone way out on a limb and drawn the line at March 4th. Her rhetoric and extensive campaigning have made it abundantly clear these two states are 'must win' for her campaign's survival.

Rudy and Hillary: One-time undisputed nominees.

Rudy's fallen and Mrs. Clinton is on her way down.

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