Friday, February 8, 2008

How long will he drag this on?

Mr. Huckabee, conservatives have but one question for you: How long is this going to continue?

With McCain over half way to the 1,191 delegates needed to lock up the nomination, Huck has a meager 190. While Kansas is coming this weekend and he stands a fair chance at winning over the religious voters there, next week's Beltway Primary (Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.) will surely deal the knockout blow necessary for McCain to claim the top spot.

You might ask why Huck chooses to remain in a race while impending defeat looms over him, but there is fairly logical rationale behind this. McCain proved at the expense of Mitt Romney that he can win in the northeast, however he was not very popular in the south where a republican (using that term quite loosely on him) needs to be in order to have any chance at winning the general. Huck's foremost popularity exists in the south and his campaign may be forging on in order to prove he can win over the conservative base of the GOP.

The longer he remains in the race and proves he can compete with McCain, the better his bargaining position will be to secure VP come the convention.

But a word to the wise Mr. Huckabee-

"A mother had two sons. One became a sailor and went out to sea while the other became Vice President of the United States.

Neither were ever heard of again."

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michele said...

Excellent point. I though Mitt dropped out hoping to secure a vp slot. There were rumblings that Huckabee and McCain had some sort of back room deal. Possibly staying in the race is all for show and McCain promised Huckabee a spot at the table.