Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Courage or Desperation?

As of this writing, we are half-way through this rather fierce debate and the Clinton Machine is functioning on all cylinders. She has certainly not pulled any punches this evening, launching piercing attacks on Senator Obama, the GOP and even Tim Russert. So is she acting like this because essentially she has nothing left to lose anymore?

The behavior being displayed by Mrs. Bill Clinton suggests she may be on the verge of a psychosis of sorts. Every answer has been long-winded tonight which often leads to the moderators pleading with her to stop talking. Her answers to relatively hardball questions have almost never been straight-forward, instead she finds a way to spin it against Obama.

When Tim Russert posed the important question "Would you reinvade Iraq if Al-Qaeda created another stronghold there?" Hillary barked "You're throwing out a lot of hypotheticals Tim".
This is the most unnerving response she could have given. That is not a hypothetical situation; I would even go as far as to argue it has already happened.

Barack has not been innocent tonight by any means. Both he and Mrs. Clinton always seem to revert to the old liberal credo: When a question is too difficult or complex to answer; blame and attack "W". Not quite the "party of ideas" they claim to be.

But my favorite barn-burner Hillary has hurled tonight:
"Maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable and needs another pillow,"

John McCain is having the time of his life watching these two tear each other to shreds.

One less thing he has to do come November...

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