Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Big 10

Mark it down; yesterday's contests push Obama to TEN straight victories.

Barack blew away Mrs. Clinton in Wisconsin by an eighteen point margin. He did so by finally cutting into the foundation of her support. Whether the top concern for voters was the war in Iraq, the economy, or health care the people chose Obama. He won with the male electorate as usual but managed to split the vote among women, 50-50. He won with voters making over $50,000 annually as well as with those who make less than $50,000 (Clinton almost exclusively gets this support). If the primary factor was voting for change or the candidate who is most likely to beat the GOP in November, those votes went his way also.

This is very troubling for Clinton as Ohio and Wisconsin are very similar in values and voter concerns. She has less than two weeks to choose a new message and pummel Obama with hits about inexperience and inconsistencies in his voting record.

The Maverick started the attack on Obama last night in a pretty well written stump speech, although Mac took his eyes off the teleprompter for all of thirty seconds. He is attempting to utilize the Karl Rove strategy of painting Obama as a man living in a pre-9/11 world. His wife turned up the heat yesterday as well saying "I have always been proud of my country" a direct slam of Michelle Obama's asinine gaffe.

Don't get me wrong; the democratic primary is not yet over. Hillary is not about to throw in the
towel and never underestimate the lengths the Clinton Machine will go to when it comes to stealing an election.

The Democrat Party's house is in disorder, I'd watch how they handle it.

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