Friday, February 15, 2008

Poor Huck

Well Governor Huckabee, I'd say it's about time to cease this futile campaign. Huck had been saying for days that it was a distinct possibility Romney's delegates might veer over to his team. However as of yesterday, that hope had been extinguished.

Governor Romney endorsed the maverick and implored his delegates to back him as well. In a press conference with McCain that was colder than Minnesota this winter, Romney suggested the party's ultimate goal should be to unite around a singular candidate in the hopes of being better organized come November. Even watching it on television, it was abundantly clear there is no love lost between these men.

I was a big supporter of Huck remaining competitive however even he has to see this as the knockout blow to the campaign. I can not comprehend the intentions of those who continue to contribute to his campaign. At least with Ron Paul supporters, they see a chance the lunatic could make a third party attempt at the presidency.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that we must acknowledge McCain as the GOP nominee in November's election.

I said acknowledge, not vote for...

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michele said...

It scares me what will be left of the Republican party if McCain gets in. We are electing the biggest RINO (republican in name only) there is. I hope someone steps up and takes a leadership role and tries to get this party back on track. It sure won't be McCain. We will be struggling through the next 4 years either with McCain or a democrat. I only hope that the Republicans use that time to get their party back on track.