Thursday, February 7, 2008

Farewell Mitt

Governor Romney has just announced he will step aside in this election and allow McCain to receive the nomination of the party.

He offered good reasons for doing so, drawing parallels between now and the 1976 election when Ronald Reagan challenged Ford all the way to the convention. However Romney concedes that we are at war right now with Islamic extremism and the more pressing issue here is that both candidates of the Democrat party advocate a cut-and-run strategy, leaving the region in utter chaos. The longer this primary drags on and these two men continue to trade blows with one another, the more fuel the liberals have come November.

Now with Romney bowing out and Huckabee a mere joke, the Democrat party must get their house in order as quick as possible to avoid a defeat in the general. With Senator Obama and Mrs. Bill Clinton virtually neck-in-neck at this stage, an outcome is a long way off.

Fear not for Romney, his future in politics is far from over. While I do not believe McCain will offer the bottom half of the ticket to him, Romney may go back to Massachusetts and decide the Senate is his new domain, challenging John Kerry in a very exciting campaign. Or, as McCain has proven this year, Romney can always return in a few years to throw his hat back into the ring in the race for the White House.

If conservatives had rallied behind Governor Romney from the onset, there is no question that he would have been the presumptive nominee at this point and McCain would be riding off into retirement or accepting a position within the Democrat party. Because that did not happen, whether it was due to his prior stance as a pro-choice republican or his negative advertisements against his opponents, we are forced to watch this honorable man exit the stage today.

There was only one Ronald Reagan, he is a man unique to his time. We trivialize his memory by pretending there are carbon copies of him walking among us. The longer it takes us to realize the absurdity of holding up our candidates to Reagan-esque standards, the more Mitt Romneys we are going to lose.

And so we thank you Mitt Romney; what you brought to this election. We bid you adieu and sincerely hope this is not the last we have seen of you in the political arena.

Mitt Romney, a conservative's conservative.

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