Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Surprises Here

So last night's outcomes were not astounding to anyone were they? Barack is on quite a hot streak; I think even Hillary has dropped her naivety and acknowledges his rock star momentum right now. She is trying her best to downplay the significance of his wins but they are adding up; giving him the lead in delegates for the first time in nearly two months.

For the republicans, again no shockers last night. Huckabee did keep the contests reasonably close in Virginia, losing by nine points when exit polls had McCain winning by a sizable double digit margin.

However Huck vows to stay competitive until McCain has reached 1,191 delegates. Is he doing this for party unity? Perhaps Huck would like to gain an ample following and then gracefully endorse McCain, thereby attempting to band the party together. Some pundits believe he is doing this for bargaining leverage come the convention, as the maverick's VP. Only time will tell.

One aspect of this election is undeniable. The turnout of voters for the republicans is abominable compared with the dems. These are indeed trying times for the GOP.

2008 can't end soon enough.

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