Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama's Mate

In early June, the Casanova wrote:

"He [Obama] needs to choose a veteran of the political arena who knows the system and can sell it to the people. In short, an elder white statesmen who has a wealth of foreign policy experience and is part of the Democrat establishment".

Now more than two months later and an announcement imminent regarding the identity of the VP nominees, my prediction has been given a face and a name.

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

Mr. Biden will turn 66 this November and has been a member of the Senate for more than 35 years; currently serving as chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Biden also just wrapped up an overseas trip to the war-torn nation of Georgia.

Biden will be a formidable adversary to McCain in terms of the foreign policy and national security debate. While Senator McCain will likely still win the voters who list national security as their top issue, Biden could sway a sizable number of them away from the GOP's efforts.

Biden is severely in the wrong on economic issues and McCain & Company must take advantage of his many twisted and destructive positions if the Republicans have any chance at defeating this dangerous duo come November.

Biden was given a mere 36% approval rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce as he favors raising taxes on American businesses to pay for liberal social programs. He is against the Bush tax cuts that brought a stagnant economy out of recession and into periods of record growth. He has a mixed record on free trade and is deeply in the pocket of the corrupt AFL-CIO.

He would be a stark contrast to a man the likes of Governor Romney;the candidate McCain desperately needs if only the two can reconcile their differences after a very heated primary season.

Expect an announcement from Obama later today or tomorrow and watch the liberal media, particularly NBC, salivate over it.

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michele said...

""I've had a great relationship (with Indian Americans). In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking," Biden had said.

A remark made by Joe Biden in
2006. This is an interesting choice because Biden has a history of being fairly outspoken and getting himself into trouble. Hopefully for Obama they get this under control. With the positives Biden may bring to the Obama campaign it only takes one stupid comment to have it blow up.

I am sure they are hoping Biden calms fears the democrats may have about electing Obama especially the Hilary Democrats. Biden brings age and experience with him, but he also has a lot of baggage that is going to be brought up. He just doesn't seem to be moderate enough to pull those undecided voters over to the left.

Excellent job predicting this one Casanova!