Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rachel Maddow

Anyone who knows the Casanova realizes he is not a follower of Rachel Maddow.

She is a hate-mongerer who spews the propaganda at any chance.

I have followed her show on MSNBC since its' inception in September, and have found myself more outraged with every broadcast.

I have copied below an email I wrote to her earlier this evening:

Dear Ms. Maddow,
I do not enjoy your program. In fact, I can only get through it with a bottle of Merlot at my side.

Your so-called political analysis is asinine and your sarcasm borders on the absurd.

Furthermore, the pretentious grin you wear during every news story can drive a viewer to the brink of insanity.

I can clearly see why your show on Radio America lasted only a matter of months.

MSNBC will remain a laughable network as long as you remain in its' lineup.

Conservative Casanova

Those of you who would like to call her out may do so at

It was only after much research that I was able to obtain her email. Obviously she is not a fan of criticism.

I realize I will be chastised for such remarks but Ms. Maddow is a genuine threat to the honest American society.

Conservatives; heed my call and evade MSNBC as long as radicals the likes of Ms. Maddow occupy their airwaves.


Anonymous said...

Casanova you are right. She is an absolute abomination to conservatism. I think she belongs in a communist America and not the one you wholeheartedly speak about.

Anonymous said...

Casanova-while I do vote with the democratic party
predominantly I too feel "outraged" with Rachel Maddow.
I have no idea how she got onto tv but I hope sincerely
her show does not last.

Brian said...

My suggestion to Ms. Maddow is take her stupid little grin over to Comedy Central if she thinks the news is all so funny to report.

Phil said...

I actually did send her an email as you suggested Casanova.

But mine was a congratulatory one. Why is it so horrible to have a "raging liberal" on the airwaves? Some of the things the comedian Sean Hannity says makes me want to punch the screen. This is why conservatives oppose the fairness doctrine- because you want conservative propaganda to flood the airwaves.
Fairness Doctrine Now!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the program. It is decidely left leaning and provides a bit of balance to the over abundance of right leaning shows (Hannity, Beck, Savage, Limbaugh etc.)

What I find especially refreshing is the she doesn't speak over her guests. She actually lets them talk......

Wow, crazy, huh?

michele said...

Rachel Maddow is a joke as is MSNBC. It ceased being a real network worthy of an influence years ago. Rachel Maddow is a blathering idiot. Love that the left is putting their faith in her as a way to "balance the airwaves" Good luck with that. I will proudly listen to Rush, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck. The left needs to remember that they also have the news media in general flooding the airwaves with propoganda. The right isn't worried about the fairness doctrine for reasons other than it goes against the constitution. Free speech anyone? The idea of the fairness doctrine rips apart what our country was founded on. Then again this president is single handedly destroying out economy and the idea of capitalism with his stimulus packeage and nationalizing the bank idea.