Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrity Moron: Cher

Today's edition of Celebrity Moron honors Cher.

Cher is a woman who has enjoyed success in television, film and music. To nobody's surprise, she is also a Hollywood liberal who is singing the praises of President Obama.

Last Friday Cher made the mistake of going outside of her element and bashed the entire Republican Party.

In an interview with CNSnews.com, she said "...I just don’t understand how anyone would want to be a Republican".

Then she went for the kill by stating "If you’re poor, if you’re any kind of minority – gay, black, Latino, anything. If you’re not a rich, born-again Christian, I don’t get it."

I share these laughable Hollywood moments with you to truly expose how out of touch the left is with mainstream values.

Since the election of President Obama, liberals have tried to solidify their party as the epitome of diversity.

To Cher's disbelief however, the Republican Party is comprised of a wide variety of individuals. There are Latino conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans, and the new Chairman Steele is an African American.


michele said...

Excellent topic. Thanks for the reminder. It amazes me that the bashing of an entire group of Americans is completely acceptable and this hate speech is applauded by the left. Can you imagine if a Republican were to make the kind of statements they regularly make? The media would be all over it and all we would hear is about the intolerance of the right. Simply because someone is a liberal certainly doesn't make them tolerant as we see here.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this section, celebrity moron.

It's time the hollywood liberals start being held accountable for their words.