Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He Doesn't Get It

President Obama held a press conference last night in which he addressed the growing economic crisis.

Labeling last night's show a "press conference" is misleading due to the pre-arranged softballs the press lobbed at the Messiah.

Obama has staked his entire presidency on this bailout. If it is unsuccessful, the GOP will be in prime position to defeat him in 2012. If successful, he might very well reside at 1600 Pennsylvania for eight years.

This flawed bill is overflowing with pork. Harry Reid and San Francisco Pelosi have loaded it with incentives to special interests, namely the ones dealing with climate change.

Spending will always grow the size of government whereas tax cuts, which are severely needed, will shrink its' influence.

Obama hurls frivolous charges at the GOP saying "Doing nothing is not an option" and "eight years of tax cuts for the wealthy have not worked". Mr. Obama fails to remember that George W. Bush and a Republican Congress oversaw six straight years of impressive economic prosperity.

President Reagan inherited an economy much worse than Obama has. Inflation in 1981 was more than 20%, there was widespread unemployment, and panic ensued. Reagan managed to turn the tide and proceeded to create the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history.

He did so through tax cuts, not spending.

Japan serves as an excellent case study. They found themselves in a similar predicament as America and decided to spend their way out of recession. This process failed, the recession loomed on, and the national debt quadrupled.

Obama is using the same fear tactics that the liberals attack the GOP for employing. He is using his 60% approval rating as a mandate.

That 60% is a severely inflated figure. President Obama is known for his eloquence. The man can give good speeches. He has repeatedly attacked Congress as well, which is another way of scoring cheap political points.

This is Obama's forte: campaigning. We have seen him with the media and conducting town hall meetings but he does not realize that the election is over. The time for words has ceased.

President Obama- the campaign has ended.

Let's start governing.


Anonymous said...

you have distorted so many fact I dont know wher to start

Brian said...

Dear Mr Anonymous,

Do you realize that this may be the only place the facts are not distorted and that you have been reading distorted facts up until now?

Think about it!

PS Keep up the good work
Mr. Casanova, America depends on you!

Christina said...

I agree with the Casanova. Obama's economic policy could be disasterous for America.

Jack said...

Mr. Casanova, I believe you are pompous and arrogant. You embody the snooty conservative who chooses not to participate in this country.

But you are one hell of a writer.