Monday, February 23, 2009

A Novel Idea

Louisiana Governor and future President of the United States Bobby Jindal has refused a part of President Obama's massive spending (not stimulus) bill.

A clause of the package includes expanding the unemployment benefit for three years. After which the state would be forced to levy millions in new tax dollars in order to pay for the program.

Jindal stated “Increasing taxes on our Louisiana businesses is certainly not a way to stimulate our economy. It would be the exact wrong thing we could do to encourage further growth and job creation”.

Now his decision can be overturned by the state legislature in Louisiana but he has proven himself as a more than formidable adversary to the Messiah.

While Jindal is well known within conservative circles, mainstream America has yet to identify with him.

That will change tomorrow night as Jindal was chosen to represent the Republican response following Obama's speech to Congress.

Governor Jindal is a principled man and the key to energizing the depleted Republican base in America. We have seen the decline of fiscal conservatism in recent years, but it is refreshing to see Jindal personify that principle.


Keith said...

"Future president of the United States?"

This guy has no qualifications and and no national recognition.

He is way too conservative for the presidency. The people voted on November 4th and have rejected conservatism.

michele said...

4 years of Obama will leave the country yearning for a return to "conservatism". Jindal is just what the party and this country needs. Refreshing to hear someone not willing to jump on the bandwagon of how fabulous this stimulus package will be and talk about the dangers of this package for our country.