Monday, February 2, 2009

A Step In The Right Direction

Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee last week, becoming the first African American to hold such a position.

Steele was Maryland's Lieutenant Governor for four years and ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2006. Despite the horrid conditions for Republican candidates that year, and being a conservative in Maryland, Steele earned a respectable 44% of the vote.

I could not be more energized with this decision. Steele is a true conservative and will bring the GOP back to success.

The media's biggest criticism of the Republican field of presidential primary candidates was that they looked like "members of the same country club" whereas the Democratic competitors displayed elements of diversity.

The left will still make outlandish claims portraying conservatives as small minded racists every time we disagree with President Obama, but having Steele in the driver's seat of the GOP will help to modernize our image.

In an appearance on Hannity following his election win, Steele showed off his enthusiasm to spread conservative principles. "We are going to engage in Iowa to Florida to Nebraska to California, the Northeast. We want to be competitive everywhere. And I think this is a great opportunity to do it. And the conservative message resonates. When we walk away from that message, when we try to do conservative light, that's when we run into trouble."

At the end of the interview, Mr. Hannity thanked his guest and stated his belief that Steele is the man who will lead conservatives to the promised land.

To which Steele cleverly quipped, "My name ain't Moses, it's Steele but we will do our best my friend".

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