Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Unclenched Fist

During his inaugural address President Obama vowed to extend a hand to the nation of Iran if it would unclench its fist.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is holding the new leader of the free world to his promise.

Ahmadinejad demands that the United States drastically downsize its military presence by withdrawing troops from abroad and the dictator requests an apology for American "crimes against Tehran".

All Americans, liberal and conservative, seek world peace.

There is an almost universal agreement that the American image needs a great deal of polishing.

In ancient times, a Roman citizen could wander the entire scope of the known world unharmed because he was a citizen of Rome. The wrath of Rome was so great and the reputation so respected that foreigners extended every courtesy to a Roman.

American citizens are not fortunate enough to share that same privilege.

There are real threats growing everyday against those who believe in liberty and freedom.

Iran is the quintessential adversary of democracy. This is a nation committed to the utter destruction of Israel, perhaps the entire Western world as well, and the suppression of individual rights.

But President Obama is willing to have a friendly chat with Ahmadinejad.

There is no negotiation with Islamic fundamentalists. That point was made abundantly clear more than seven years ago.

Ahmadinejad is an extremist, and President Obama will only legitimize the tyrant's claims if he meets with him.

I agree with the new president's efforts to forge new alliances and mend friendships.

But unlike the liberals who are willing to negotiate away our great nation, conservatives are committed to securing America's continued position as the last remaining superpower in the world.

We are the last defenders of democracy; the champions of liberty.

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