Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dirty Harry

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is notorious for his "back room politicking" and corrupt dealmaking shenanigans.

His contemptible antics are on display again with his recent attempts to seat the comedian Al Franken.

As the entire country anxiously watches the judicial process unfold in Minnesota, Harry Reid is trying to bypass the law so he can inch closer to a liberal super majority in the Senate.

The Constitution of Minnesota clearly states that no Senator shall be allowed to take his seat while there is a legal challenge to the election results.

Franken, being a comic, is apparently unfamiliar with Constitutional law.

Senator Coleman was declared the winner on three separate occasions and Franken's cronies took the matter to court. Thousands of ballots were challenged and miraculously the Democrat Party emerged victorious.

Now they will not extend that same right to the GOP. Senator Coleman's lawyers have called the validity of thousands of ballots into question but Franken appears unscathed; measuring the drapes in his new Beltway office.

Coleman is now waging the battle on two fronts: Within the court of law and the court of public opinion. He is taking to the airwaves to share his story with the nation. He is attempting to expose Dirty Harry for the corrupt politico that he is.

This will continue to unfold over the coming weeks but Republicans and all those who favor the democratic process must not allow the left to hijack an election.

We must remain vigilant and optimistic against Al Franken; an unqualified radical who has made no secret of his liberal agenda.

In Senator Coleman's own words: "I will win".

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