Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tough Act To Follow

Since Tuesday night I have waited to see what the media's reaction would be to the two very different speeches given; particularly the "Republican Response" as offered by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Needless to say the coverage has been overwhelmingly negative for Governor Jindal while liberal pundits are claiming the Democrats have found their "Great Communicator".

Comparisons between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan make my conservative blood boil. Obama is eloquent and powerful as an orator but nobody seems to be listening much to the content of his speeches.

The media is impressed more with how he sounds as a speaker rather than paying attention to the agenda he is putting forward.

Reagan and Obama share nothing in terms of political beliefs and ideology. Reagan was the man who blamed government bureaucracy for creating problems while Obama advocates a socialist mentality in America.

Governor Jindal had the arduous task of facing the nation Tuesday night as a 37 year old governor in his first term and having to make the argument for a GOP return to conservatism.

The speech read better on paper than it sounded during Jindal's delivery. It promoted smaller government, a return to decreased spending following the recession, and for Americans to keep their money in their wallets rather than in government coffers in Washington.

The GOP has an uphill battle but with dedication and fierce opposition to the radical agenda the liberals are proposing, the country will come back to conservatism in due time.


michele said...
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michele said...

I have determined that Obama does nothing, but speak in rhetoric. He isn't called on any of his statements which are screaming for clarification. One of my favorites was "the deficit is big, but my plan is bigger" What???!!! If Bush made a statement like that the media would be all over it. What does that mean? Are we all supposed to swoon and feel safe and secure because his plan is bigger? Give me a break!

Jindal spoke eloquently and I feel was and has been very clear about why we should all be extremely concerned with what the democrats are trying to sell us.

Anonymous said...

Obama's speech was uplifting, like nothing I have heard
in the last 8 years. I have a feeling that no matter what the president said Tuesday you would have found a way to spin it. Get on board with the direction this country is heading already.

Brian said...

It is my prayer for all Americans that one day they see past all the fancy words and really realize the horrible direction he is leading us...

Unfortunately this may be one of those "unanswered prayers" that the legend Garth Brooks sings about...

Keep up the good work Mr. Casanova.
Its a pleasure reading your words.

Anonymous said...

Brian- whenever you use Garth Brooks to win a political argument you've already lost.

It blows my mind how bitter conservatives have become. I read your nonsense Casanova because I think you're a pretty good comic.

Embrace change!

michele said...

It is amazing to me how the left is calling us bitter. Not like they were at all bitter the last 8 years. Anonymous... we aren't bitter we are terrified. We have an administration who clearly has no idea what they are doing and relying on the likes of Pelosi to lead this country. Take a look at the stock market to see how well that is working.