Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, has always been an outspoken young woman. She holds many liberal positions (and voted for Kerry in 2004), often criticizes conservatism, and registered as a Republican only as a Father's Day 'gift' in 2008.

She has been wrapped up in a rather public feud with Ann Coulter the past several weeks and maintains her own political blog, showcasing her "progressive" opinions.

She is a strong supporter of gay marriage and was invited to speak to the Log Cabin Republicans yesterday. The Log Cabin Republicans are a group composed of gay and lesbian members sharing conservative positions while lobbying for gay rights.

According to the attendees of last night's dinner, Ms. McCain gave a rousing speech to a receptive crowd. She urged Republicans to embrace the Log Cabin Republicans and endorse gay marriage initiatives around the country.

Eloquence is a trait that alluded Senator McCain during the campaign and seems to plague Meghan as well. The young woman reportedly said "...Old school Republicans are scared sh**less of the changing landscape".

She went on to take jabs at Ann Coulter calling her "overly divisive" and even worked in: "...Most of this country wants our President to succeed", a rather obvious reference to Rush Limbaugh.

Attacking the conservative base of her father's party is a sure way to extend her stay in the spotlight.

Meghan possesses no insight into these issues and yet manages to attract a sizable following.

She has become a media darling. Liberals adore her. The left salivates whenever she attacks conservatives.

Meghan-your fifteen minutes are up.

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