Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Dangerous Game of Chicken

Last night North Korea openly defied the warnings of the United States and other allies by firing a long range rocket.

Ballistic missiles pose a major threat to the United States. Given the current rate of technological advancement, it is not inconceivable that such a missile could hit any point in the continental United States within the next few years.

Kim Jong Il is a crazed and corrupt dictator. However I do not believe he would engage the American military.

The real danger would be North Korea selling these weapons to terrorist entities for profit.

The North Korean leader has called America's bluff.

There are a number of ways President Obama could deal with this blatant move of defiance:

-Economic sanctions imposed against North Korea
-Ramp up intelligence gathering operations within North Korea
-Seize North Korean assets in the United States
-Continue the progress made by the Bush administration in crafting a missile defense shield

What action did our esteemed President decide to take?

He passed the buck to the United Nations, where it will be buried in bureaucratic red tape for months.

North Korea seems to be another issue that is above Obama's pay grade.

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Anonymous said...

Would you rather the U.S. go on a one nation vendetta? This is why the U.N. was created.