Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grassroots In All Its Glory

Taxpayers are fed up with the reckless "tax and spend" liberalism running rampant throughout the country and they are taking to the streets today.

All across America, protesters are gathering around state capitols and cities in a fashion reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party.

Thousands are in attendance at numerous rallies and the momentum among the crowds is building.

While the loonies of the left abuse their first amendment right on a near daily basis, it is unusual for conservatives to hold protests because so many of us have jobs and actual responsibilities.

Ordinary citizens made today possible. This was a huge victory for grassroots conservatism.

As Newt Gingrich's spokesman Rick Sawyer said "It's the Reagan coalition reinventing itself".

Today may be the shot in the arm conservatives were desperately looking for; a central rallying point in which to unite the base.


Rick said...

Wow did someone have a bad Easter?

Your previous two articles have been hate-filled Republican propaganda.

Grassroots does not apply here. It was all over talk radio and Fox. It was not ordinary people who set this up, it was the corporations and republican pundits. You are really going to quote Newt and tell us it was then a 'grassroots' victory.

Why have no other news outlets chosen to cover this supposed big story?

michele said...

Wow! Hate filled Republican propaganda? When the roles were reversed the left touted free speech as the reason they could be vocal about their disagreements with Preident Bush.

Rick, what news outlets would cover this? Rachel Maddow. CNN could do nothing more than make juvenile jokes about it. Of course the liberal media was going to turn this into a joke and not give it the seriousness it deserved. I remember vividly anti war protests in which 10 dreadlocked hippies showed up chanting Bush lies people die and it was treated as though it were the largest protest any country had ever seen.