Wednesday, April 15, 2009


President Obama has been in power for nearly three months and he has finally labeled his political opposition as "extremists".

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security (Created by President George W. Bush) issued a warning to all local municipalities to be on the lookout for "rightwing extremist activity".

After reading the memo; This is a word to the wise from the Casanova:

If you oppose abortion; you are a radical.

If you oppose the infringement on your second amendment right to own a firearm, you are a radical.

If you oppose an "open border" immigration policy that is backed by President Obama; you are a radical.

If you advocate local or state-controlled government; you are a radical.

President Obama has taken us one step closer towards a totalitarian state by labeling his political opponents as "extremists" or "radicals".

I do not believe our freshman president has it right here.

An extremist is Bill Ayers, who advocated deliberate terrorist attacks on
American institutions.

An extremist is Tony Rezko, who will bypass all Illinois campaign finance laws in order to donate windfall profits to prominent Illinois Democrats.

An extremist is the wrong Reverend Wright who will say in his church and on video "God Damn America".

Conservatives will always put their country first and politics second.

My sincere hope is that the fringe lefties who elected Obama as president will see the "right" as a legitimate political thinking and not mistake it for the radicalism Obama is selling.

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Anonymous said...

You are WAY off base here. That report does not attack conservatives. It warns against those in the radical right who are racist, ignorant and stockpiling guns.
Don't start a controversy for the sake of giving your readers a saber rattling rant.