Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The United States Supreme Court is about to rule on the legality of schools "Strip Searching" suspected students not adhering to district regulations.

One such case attracting national attention comes from Arizona's Savanna Redding who was accused of carrying prescription strength medication; a violation of district ordinances.

The 13 year old was strip searched in 2003 but no such violation was found.

Regardless of that outcome, we need to err on the side of caution when it comes to our nation's youth.

I went through school as an asthmatic suffering from chronic allergies. All of my medications were forced to be checked in through the school's main office. This policy was necessary so my medicine could be administered by an adult.

Liberals on the Supreme Court are making this a case against the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution "Unreasonable Search And Seizure".

There can be no room for error here. A child should not be ingesting prescription strength medication without adult supervision. The school had probable cause to search Ms. Redding and luckily for her, they turned up nothing.

I loathe the hypotheticals but imagine for a moment that Ms. Redding did have drugs on her. The backlash would be unrelenting; against the school and her parents.

The Supreme Court must rule in favor of a school's right to search the students in order to ensure a safe learning environment.

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