Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Benedict Arlen

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has announced today that he will switch parties and register as a Democrat for his upcoming reelection bid in 2010.

Specter has been seriously out of touch with conservative principles since his election in 1980. He is a firm believer in global warming, promotes destructive embryonic stem cell research, supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, and has been a champion of the pro-choice movement.

The senior Senator from Pennsylvania faced an uphill battle in the GOP primary, trailing in a Rasmussen poll by more than twenty points.

When Al Franken is sworn into the Senate after stealing the election in Minnesota, the Democrats will have achieved a 60 seat, filibuster proof majority.

Specter is a bitter man who is motivated purely out of his lust for power. He saw the proverbial writing on the wall that conservatives were no longer going to support his reckless politics and therefore sacrificed his integrity in order to keep his job.

The Senator should enjoy his time in Washington while it lasts because he has enraged Republicans in Pennsylvania and their anger will spread like a brush fire across the state.

William Shakespeare puts it best:

"Though those that are betrayed
Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor
Stands in worse case of woe."


Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives like you are responsible for Specter leaving. You just lost an important and influential member. You can try and spin it all you want like you do with everything else but the truth is the party is heading extreme right. You're clearly leading that shift while Specter, an independent thinker, is not on board.

Keith said...

Specter says the party left him. He came into DC with Reagan and now he is fed up with extremists hijacking the party. Specter is what new politics is about; compromise and negotiation. Yet you and Hannity and Rush want to crucify him. Shame on you.

michele said...

Specter is an 80 year old that our party didn't need anyway. He jumped ship to save his own skin. He faced a very difficult challenge in 2010 and wanted that pay check to keep coming.

From Time Magazine
Specter had publicly acknowledged that to win in 2010, he would need thousands of Pennsylvania voters who switched from Republican to Democrat last year to vote for Obama to flip back to the GOP to cast ballots for him.

Specter is the one of 3 Republicans that voted for the stupid Stimulus package put forth by our President. I am thrilled this guy is out. He wasn't a Republican and didn't hold strong to republican values. It is about time we get rid of these people and vote true republicans into office that will bring our party back. We got our shirts handed to us because we lost focus and had too many of these guys in office that were more democrat than republican. Lest we forget Specter was a democrat who switched to the party in 1966.