Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Specter Part II

Senator Specter's defection to the Democrat Party has come at a high price as he has lost his seniority on all Senate committees.

Last night, the Senate passed a resolution declaring Specter as the most junior Democrat on the committees to which he was assigned.

Harry Reid's office said the issue of Specter's seniority would be taken up again following the 2010 elections.

The Democrats must not have too much faith at the moment in their newest member's electability come next year. They did not want to risk elevating him only to lose the seat in 2010.

Specter would have played a crucial role as the ranking Republican on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee as it prepares for hearings on the next Supreme court nominee.

Republicans could never rely on this renegade and now it appears, through his many demotions, that the Democrats do not trust him either.

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