Monday, May 11, 2009

California Crazy

I have always wished California shared the same Constitutional right as Texas to secede from the Union. I, along with most mainstream Americans, would not miss its' presence for a second.

To further my argument, the California state legislature is attempting to pass a bill creating a "Harvey Milk Day".

The state Senate has passed legislation creating such a holiday and I do not expect the RINO Governor Schwarzenegger to veto the bill.

These left wing lunatics want our school children to honor a radical, openly gay San Francisco politician and subscribe to his beliefs.

Californian politicians are severely out of touch with mainstream America and ought to be called out on their hatred of a Christian union.

There is no "Ronald Reagan Day" in California because he was not the radical that they would like to honor.

Reagan saw America as a "Shining city on a hill" and did not fit the modus operandi of the fringe groups in the Golden State.

They would instead honor a liberal who disavowed America as a Christian nation.

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Jules said...

Shoot. I guess this means you won't be coming to visit Adam and I if we move to San Francisco. At least, not on Harvey Milk day I bet. ;)