Monday, March 9, 2009


President Obama signed a bill today that lifts the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

He went on to state during the ceremony that human cloning is "dangerous" and "profoundly wrong".

As per usual with the Messiah, his record does not match his rhetoric.

While in the Senate, he cosponsored a bill protecting an institution's rights to create a human clone only to then destroy its cells in the name of scientific research.

The science-ethics debate has been occuring since the beginning of time. But with new technologies and advancements the discussion has become increasingly essential.

Destroying human life for scientific study is both dangerous and wrong. There are new technologies that do not require the destuction of human life being discovered each and every day that hold the same potential without raising any moral or ethical questions.

Removing the human element from this debate; there is another perspective from which one should be concerned by today's announcement.

In this era of a deepening recession with massive government expenditures and growing national debt, how does the federal government justify additional spending on embryonic stem cell research at this time?


Anonymous said...

How much longer will conservatives continue to attack science? This research will cure and prevent future diseases. It blows my mind that you are not on board with bettering peoples lives.

Anonymous said...

There is no more spending involved, the same federal funds will just have more competition for the same grants.