Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Funny

President Obama placed a call from the Oval Office to The New York Times today to clarify yesterday's gaffe. When asked by a Times reporter "Are you a socialist as some people have suggested?" the President gave an ambiguous answer and brushed the implication off as a mere joke.

Obama's handlers must have alerted him to the potential controversy his comments might spark. He gave a lengthy clarification today, blaming the failures of the Bush administration for the need to create such an enormous "spending" (not stimulus) bill.

What does it say when even The New York Times is concerned that Obama's policies resemble a socialist agenda?

The bottom line: Socialism is spreading throughout this country and that is nothing to joke about.


Anonymous said...

"Obama's handlers..."
That sounds rather racist to me.

Keith said...

While I rarely agree with Casanova, I didn't read his remarks as racist. I think he was suggesting Obama is a prop of the democratic party, thus the "handler" reference.

Brian said...

Did somebody forget to invite me to the string puppet show entitled "The Obama Presidency?"

michele said...

Unbunch your panties anonymous. Not everything written is racist and handlers is a common phrase used when discussing politicians.