Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey Arnold!

Back from vacation and reenergized, the Casanova is contented to return to the blogosphere.

Governor Schwarzenegger of California places an (R) following his name but holds little else in common with the party.

Michele-a devoted reader and proud conservative- often warns against RINOs (Republican in name only) infiltrating the party. There is no mistake here; Arnold is the quintessential RINO.

During his tenure as Governor, California's taxes exponentially increased along with wasteful spending. Now California faces an economic collapse but the "Governator" is bewildered at how the state got there.

Since his election in 2003, he has moved gradually to the left with each passing year. He appointed Susan Kennedy, a Democrat, to serve as his Chief of Staff. He has been referenced as one of the "greenest Governors" by various environmentalists.

During an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, Schwarzenegger defended President Obama's abhorrent gaffe on the Special Olympics and said "I know his heart is in the right place".

As Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was successful because he pulled the entire state to the right. As President, he employed the same tactic and swayed the American electorate towards a conservative mentality.

Arnold takes a different approach. He ran as a conservative and has since shifted leftwards.

Politicians like Arnold are the reason the GOP has lost its identity. They are the reason for the confusion and electoral defeats.

Republicans need to band together and give the boot to the Governator.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I thought you had quit your daily ranting you come back.
Once again you got it wrong. Arnold is the only hope for the future GOP. Extremists like you are dying off. Moderates are now in control of the party.