Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Obama Code

The teleprompter screens were conspicuously absent.

The American people were meant to believe that the President was speaking from his heart; his own words were being delivered to the electorate.

But it was not to last...

Obama had instead moved to a giant television screen placed in the back of the room.

This press conference was going to be more of the same empty rhetoric being read off of a screen.

Obama said the current economic turmoil was the result of "many years and many failures" and going on to say "This allusion of prosperity has endangered us all".

What is he running for now? The campaign season ended nearly five months ago. What does he gain by continually bashing President Bush and the Republicans?

"The only problems we've had is from contracts which were in place before we took over".

None of this mess is President Obama's fault folks.

Tim Geithner, Joe Biden, Barney Frank, Rahm Emanuel- They have done nothing wrong these past 65 days.

Now these lines would be funny if these men did not actually believe them to be true. They have the audacity to blame the entirety of this economic mess on the Bush administration.

This is more of the same from the left. After hearing the sham press conference last night I am convinced I have cracked the code of the left.

The following is something I am sure is written in some liberal handbook somewhere...
Blame. Anger. Fear. These are the tenets of the Obama administration.

Blame- Fault the Bush administration and conservatives for the economic downturn. It has nothing to do with living outside your own personal means or natural declines in free markets. Blame the right.

Anger- Get mad. Loathe your opposition. Shut them out of the debates entirely.

Fear- Become so afraid that you think the only entity remaining to protect you is a massive government. You need big government to survive. You are helpless without it.
America can stand up against this. We know that each of us has the ability to get through these difficult times without reckless government intrusion.

Obama is using this economic crisis as a mandate to liberalize America.

Now is the time for conservatives to say in unison "No More".


Keith said...

Casanova, you think the left runs on fear tactics? What was this entire article about? All you did was try to scare people of a liberal America. I thought the conference was a bit dull at times but Obama does not sugarcoat things. He's not going to say these past eight years were fine when they clearly weren't.

Brian said...

Apparently the only person Mr. Obama can talk to WITHOUT a teleprompter is Jay Leno... but we all know how that went...

Mr. Casanova let me be the first to stand with you and say "NO MORE"...

Anonymous said...

What a rousing rant. Too bad none of it is true. What I got from it was the straight talk republicans loved about McCain

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other commenter who said you're trying to scare people. Very shallow path to go down. I know that even when the economy bounces back you won't give Obama his due