Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Pendulum Swings Again

Hillary Clinton's biggest supporter may in fact be the wrong Reverend Wright. In the last several days this paltry excuse for a preacher has set upon a personal vendetta to destroy Senator Obama's candidacy; delivering barn-burning stump speeches that ensure to keep his name on the front pages.

Now the reverend justifies his glorified media tour as nothing more than defending his name as well as the honor of his church. A common line he delivers in his interviews is regards to how many homeless individuals have benefited from contributions to the church-whether it be from soup kitchens or clothing drives. But for a man as articulate as Wright can be at times, he is noticeably tacit when it comes to addressing the million dollar mansion the church is building him.

To add more dismay to a struggling Obama campaign, the always entertaining Al Sharpton has been blasting the Senator for his reaction to the Sean Bell verdict in New York. The New York Post today has Sharpton accusing Obama of attempting to "grandstand in front of white people".

The African American community is too complex, and too diverse to attribute all of its beliefs and ideologies onto a select few individuals. However, the mainstream American electorate will flock en masse towards Senators Clinton and McCain if they fear an Afro-Centric ideology in the White House.

And just how serious is Mrs. Clinton about her chances of winning this chaotic primary? Well Wednesday night she will be appearing on the Gospel According to William (Known as The O'Reilly Factor to non-believers) for the very first time.

Be sure to Tivo this one.

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michele said...

This won't be politically correct I know, but the African American "leaders" I use that phrase loosely seem intent on blowing any chances Obama has of getting elected. Instead of rallying around him they are causing great concern for anyone wanting to vote for him. Sharpton has basically threatened riots in Denver if Obama doesn't get the nomination and Wright is doing whatever he can to destroy Obama every chance he gets. With friends like this who needs enemies?