Thursday, April 10, 2008

McCain Shares his View

Senator John McCain shocked many today by appearing with the ladies of The View. He looked calm and relaxed, not fidgeting nearly as much as Senator Obama did last week. He spoke with the charisma and enthusiasm that had been lacking in his campaign.

Unlike Senator Obama's appearance, McCain was actually thrown hardball questions that required real solutions, not merely the empty rhetoric Obama has been spewing lately. The now infamous "100 years in Iraq" quote was the top issue for the ladies. In hindsight I am sure McCain regrets uttering that phrase which has been replayed countless times by the Clinton News Network and others like it. The sound byte they use however is completely out of context. The Maverick was merely talking about a United States presence in Iraq with military bases, not an ongoing war. He likens it to U.S. presence in South Korea, Germany and Japan: former sites of military conflict where the fighting has ceased but the United States remains an entity there.

The McCain/Rice ticket was also mentioned. The Senator acknowledged Secretary Rice as a great American but has said no talks have been initiated regarding the bottom half of the ticket. Interesting however, was McCain's characterization of the vice presidency. I recently wrote about how the role has been expanded in the last several years, but McCain considerably downplayed the scope of the office. He stated the only real duties of a vice president are to break a tie vote in the Senate and to check on the health of the president. Let me say this was a relief to hear. In an age where executive power and overreaching is rampant, it is refreshing for a politician like McCain to respect the Constitution and acknowledge that it is within the walls of Congress where legislation must be created.

It was uncomfortable at times to watch as the women pummeled him with questions, barely allowing time for a thought out response before the next was hurled his way. He conducted himself professionally and came out unscathed from the "interview". This was no interview, it was a forum for the ladies to bash President Bush and Senator McCain simultaneously.

When asked rather snidely by Joy Behar, "What's the difference between you and President Bush?" McCain went into a series of comparisons which showed they are truly two different politicians with conflicting agendas. But I am sure the liberal media turned a deaf ear on that response.

All things considered, conservatives should be proud of Senator McCain for his appearance this morning. He went on a very liberal show with a New York audience behind it and held true to his principles.

Senator Obama and the liberals like him should be very intimated by McCain's political expertise.

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Brooks said...

I liked that when he came in he shook the ladies hands lol no wonder women relate to him so well