Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clinton News Network Running Out Of News

While we are about two hours away from polling places closing in Pennsylvania, CNN had a story banner at the bottom of the screen entitled "White Men: Racist or Sexist?"

Now I have known for years that this network lacks both ethics and professionalism but this might be a new low. Nora Ephron is a Hollywood writer (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle) who also happens to be quite an active liberal. Activism is perfectly acceptable but I have a problem with CNN passing off a nonsensical article published on the Huffington Post website (run by another liberal crackpot) as legitimate news and to give it actual airtime and debate is laughable.

This network's primary objective is to deliver a headline without any expansion of the substance. This is a network that exists solely for shock value and should not be regarded as a bona fide news outlet. They will go to great lengths to avoid analyzing a story because facts are irrelevant to them in the race for higher ratings.

They could not accept that Caucasian males potentially may cast their vote in favor of McCain so they lead with a story about a C-list celebrity and her incompetent ramblings on a far-left blog. In the very article they chose to report, Nora Ephron actually contends that these men are attracted to the Maverick "particularly because of the Torture Thing." I would hardly categorize spending five and a half grueling years of abuse and maltreatment in the Hanoi Hilton as "the Torture Thing".

CNN's authenticity ought to be called into question more often.

And as for Ms. Ephron; stick to the screenplays sweetheart.

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