Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Free Pass?

When an individual takes time to go out and campaign for a certain political candidate, message, ideology, etc. he or she is open to criticism from the public. This has always been the case and it gets particularly dirty as the campaigns draw closer to election day. So why is Chelsea Clinton consistently able to dodge the questions regarding her father's infidelity?

Candidates and their families are constantly vetted by the media and the electorate (unless of course you are Barack Obama), and the higher office being sought after the more thorough the investigations will be. This is not an unfair standard; presumably a candidate will rely upon the people he or she loves and trusts and will turn to them for guidance and support during trying times. It is reasonable for those closest to the candidate to answer tough questions.

Lynne Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Cheney, faced a barrage of attacks from both the Christian right and the liberals about her sexuality. She faced these questions head on, not shying away from the biased attacks being thrown at her. John McCain's daughter Meghan was forced to answer hardball questions when she admitted to agreeing with some of Obama's positions. Even Mayor Giuliani's wife Judith was put in the unfortunate position of trying to justify her husband leaving his wife in order to marry her.

When a member of a candidate's family goes on the campain trail, they have to accept the repercussions of advocating a particular position. They have to understand the opposition will now be coming after them as well, that's the nature of American politics. Chelsea Clinton is 28 years old and should provide answers to reasonable and valid questions, even those regarding her adulterous father. Can you imagine the firestorm that would have ensued if Mrs. Giuliani, Ms. McCain or Ms. Cheney dodged the rather personal and intimate questions posed by the media with a simple "no comment"?

The double-standard the liberal media continues to operate under never ceases to amaze me...

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