Thursday, April 3, 2008

How Quickly We Forget

Why has the Reverend Wright story disappeared so quickly from the liberal media? The rants made by this man should have people of all faiths and colors deeply offended and cause the electorate to be suspicious of Senator Obama's own beliefs.

However there are actually polls out in Pennsylvania showing Obama gaining considerable ground on Mrs. Clinton's lead. How is this no longer a story? Obama sat in that church for twenty years and listened to this man preach relentlessly about intolerance and hate. Are you telling me this rhetoric had no impact or effect on the Senator whatsoever? Even Mrs. Clinton remarked "I'd switch churches".

The antics of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are well-documented in the media and seem to be constantly finding air time. Years after Robertson's infamous remarks regarding homosexuality as a cause for 9/11, we still hear that sound byte. So why in an election year is the media turning the other cheek on this one? I still have not heard an acceptable excuse from Senator Obama as to why he did not get up and leave that church.

Tuesday evening members of the congregation held a vigil for the retired reverend, vowing to come to his defense. This story must not be allowed to fade from the front page. It is far too important to be overlooked; especially now as we are a mere seven months away from the election. The New York Times has plenty of space to print malicious stories regarding McCain's temper, but they do not consider Barack Obama having an abhorrent segregationist as a mentor to be newsworthy.


Judy said...

How sad that it seems as though only one party has to be accountable for their actions! Why are we so afraid to question the beliefs of someone that wants to hold the most prominent post in our country? (I cringe at the thought!)

michele said...

Just another great example of the liberal media bias.
Obama is given a free pass at every turn. I don't relish the thought of anohter Clinton White House, but it terrifies me less than an Obama one. Quite honestly what do we know about this guy? We know all of Clinton's garbage and we know what we are getting. We really don't with Obama.

Brooks said...

In my opinion the story died because Obama addressed the concerns so well in his race speech. Those clearly are not his views. It's just too bad that this drama didn't get drawn out any longer. It almost derailed a movement of hope unprecedented in American history.

michele said...

I don't know that he did address the issue in his speech. We can't get to0 caught up in this "movement of hope" that we don't address some potentially serious issues about this candidate. I understand his pastor's beliefs are not necessarily his, but he does have to answer for the type of people he chooses to surround himself with and call his dear friends and closest confidants. This man is going to be in the very highest level of govt and can not get a free pass on answering hard questions because he makes people feel warm and cuddly inside.