Monday, April 14, 2008

Yet Another Obama Gaffe

Just when we thought we had seen everything out of the 2008 primary season, Barack Obama reinforces his status as a political novice with an insensitive remark about middle America; a now infamous quote regarding people in small towns clinging to guns and religion as a means to explain their frustrations. This incredibly offensive message has found widespread airtime for the past couple of days, providing Mrs. Clinton with plenty of ammunition for Pennsylvania's primary election just a mere week away.

She has been hammering away at his characterization of small town voters, using his own words against him in a number of campaign speeches. She has labeled him as an "elitist"; a carefully chosen term by her campaign. When Mrs. Clinton throws the label "elitist" around in the Democrat party, the average voter will surely link Obama with former "elitists" the likes of Governor Dukakis, Vice President Gore and Senator Kerry. These were well-spoken, ambitious Ivy League men who were unsuccessful in connecting with the average American. Voters in the Democratic primaries are wary that Obama might fail to make that same connection and hand the presidency to the Maverick.

However for Mrs. Clinton to suggest that it is Barack Obama who is out of touch with middle America is rather pompous in itself as she is worth multiple times the wealth of Barack Obama and has been at the center of Beltway politics since 1992. She realized this was a dangerous charge to hurl at the newcomer so to prove she could connect with the average American she knew something had to be done.

Did she hold a town-hall meeting to discuss how tax breaks would directly benefit these rural voters and put more money into their pockets? Did she discuss how she would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, the very oil costing farmers outrageous amounts of money to operate their farms? Did she hold a press conference to address her solution to the housing crisis impacting so many Americans each day?

No, she did not do any of those things.

Over the weekend however she did go to a bar in Indiana; take a shot of whiskey and drink a beer.

The Democrats are falling far short of the campaign money being raised by the RNC currently.

If I were them I would start charging admission to shows like these.

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