Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mrs. Clinton isn't Going Anywhere

The debate tonight between Senators Obama and Clinton was essentially another draw; we did not see any flare up of tempers or great one-liners. What was made abundantly clear however is Mrs. Clinton's determination to stay competitive in the campaign and to make sure the public and the media don't stop hearing more Reverend Wright stories and Obama's jabs at middle America.

Iraq as always was a hot-button topic and we witnessed the same cut-and-run strategy liberals spew relentlessly. Obama and Mrs. Clinton conceded regardless of recommendations from the generals on the ground they would still pull the troops out of the region.

Obama was once again dogged by the Reverend Wright story and (W)rightfully so might I add. He continued to use his line of disowning the remarks but not the man.

I am exhausted from hearing liberals repeatedly bash Wall Street and continuously label them as crooks. Those lines are nothing more than tools to draw cheap applause from an ill-informed audience. I take issue with Mrs. Clinton in particular because Chelsea is a manager of Avenue Capital Group, a Wall Street hedge fund.

Barack Obama tried to paint himself as a uniter of the masses but ultimately failed once again. I heard a liberal radio host on MSNBC yesterday compare Obama's communication skills to Ronald Reagan's. I have watched this man as much as anyone out there and where this notion is coming from that he has an exceptional command of the language still completely eludes me. I thought he was onto a good line when he said "I don't think Democrats have a monopoly on good ideas". However reality must have set in for the Senator as he quickly used the line to attack President Bush saying he has fueled the division in this country more than anyone. I will say it had to be naivety on my part for thinking Obama could reach across the aisle; he might risk losing the liberals that comprise the base of his support.

And finally during the closing remarks of tonight's debate Senator Clinton uttered the most terrifying line of the evening. After two hours of her advocating for repealing the Bush tax cuts, implementing billions of dollars in new social programs and not to mention an incredibly high-priced universal health care package; Mrs. Clinton said we need to get this country on track towards "shared prosperity".

"Shared Prosperity" = Socialism

A chill went down my spine...

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