Sunday, April 20, 2008

Obama's Fatal Slip-Up

In Pennsylvania today, Senator Obama was addressing a crowd trying to gain any last second momentum ahead of Tuesday's crucial primary. The reception was warm and optimistic until the Senator drastically diverged from not only the message of his campaign but essentially the entire liberal strategy for November.

The stress of campaigning in such a battle-ground state surely affected his reflexes otherwise I do not believe he would have allowed such a gaffe. Politicos are saying a win is not enough for Mrs. Clinton, it needs to be a blowout. The issue of elect ability in the general election is one of the most constant themes in her White House bid. Senator Clinton alleges Obama does not have the wide-ranging appeal she possesses and would potentially keep the GOP in power. She certainly has evidence to support her theory: Senator Obama is just now starting to recover from his "bitter" insult to middle Americans.

But last week's infamous remark is about to be replaced by the fatal line uttered today in Reading, Pennsylvania. Obama said "Either Democrat would be better than John McCain. And all three of us would be better than George Bush."

The liberal community has branded John McCain as some sort of Bush clone, alleging a campaign victory for the Maverick would result in a third Bush term.

And now the front-runner for that party's nomination has publicly acknowledged that there are very distinguishable contrasts between the two.

We've had a few solid days since Barack Obama's latest controversy. This will surely shake things up again.


Brooks said...

Fatal Slip Up? This is genius. I dont understand how you think this is off message for Democrats. It is a bold statement, I bet he gets a bunch of publicity off of it. Its right on target, he gets to tie Bush's terrible presidency to McCain's campaign and tell everyone that hes better and even that Hillary lady who he runs attack ads against is better. In my eyes hes smartly looking past the primaries and focusing where he should on the general election.

michele said...

You are right again. Obama basically gave any independent who was up in the air a free pass to vote for McCain making it clear that a vote for McCain isn't a vote for Bush which is what so many independents fear. I think he really stepped in it. Perhaps the Wright scandal is making him not as on top of his game as once before?