Friday, May 2, 2008

Advantage: Hillary

Mrs. Clinton's performance in a two-part interview on The O'Reilly Factor was masterful.

She looked completely at ease; a stark contrast to Senator Obama who has been quite defensive as of late. She was comfortable, articulate, and seated across from Mr. O'Reilly, actually came off as a warm individual.

Her answers were brave and adhered to the rules of being inside the "No Spin Zone". Bill confronted her on the issue of sanctuary cities and she stood true to her platform of not cleaning them out; citing instead that it is more important for illegal immigrants to report crimes rather than having the authorities check their visas.

The rogue nation of Iran even denounced her yesterday after her rather intrepid and Reagan-esque remark that if provoked the United States could "obliterate Iran". (This is another example of how unpredictable this election cycle has been; I just compared a member of the Clinton clan to the father of modern conservatism)

In any event the inexperienced politician from Illinois has a lot to fear at this moment. He has lost a sizable lead in North Carolina, a state he was favored to win handedly. And the polls in Indiana are looking pretty grim as well.

Senator Clinton courageously accepted Bill's invitation for an interview. Senator McCain is appearing on Mr. O's program next week; yet Obama has remained conspicuously silent.

What else is the wrong Reverend Wright's protégé hiding?

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