Tuesday, May 6, 2008


That is the most accurate characterization of Barack Obama's campaign.

As of this writing, he is holding nearly a twenty point lead in North Carolina and is within five points of Mrs. Clinton in Indiana (In the interests of full disclosure, the state had previously been called for her but is now listed as "too close to call". Either way, very bad news for Hillary's team).

Obama's is a campaign that has been able to shake off scandals and controversies which would have surely dismantled a lesser candidate; yet the "Yes We Can" mantra pioneers on.

Senator Obama is a formidable opponent. The GOP had better be ready to throw everything in their arsenal at him come November.

But not so fast Senator: regardless of the disappointment tonight's contests inevitably bring Mrs. Clinton, the primary season has not yet ended. She will not bow out Wednesday morning in a show of party solidarity the way in which the honorable Governor Romney did nearly three months ago. She will instead relentlessly persist the Democrat Party leadership resolve the gridlock occurring in Michigan and Florida before deciding to get out of the ring.

As I wrote in this very column on February 20th "...never underestimate the lengths the Clinton Machine will go to when it comes to stealing an election".

Those words certainly hold true today.


Brooks said...

So much for advantage Hillary

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