Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Wants A Handout?

The Casanova warned when the federal bailout bill was first being discussed by President Bush and within the halls of Congress that such legislation would set a dangerous precedent.

Ladies and gentlemen we are now looking at the end result.

Massive, multinational corporations and now entire industries are looking for a handout from Uncle Sam.

There is actually a five page downloadable document on the government's website which enables companies to apply for federal assistance. It's that simple. Fill out a form and the companies enjoy a huge payday courtesy of the American taxpayers.

GE should really be ashamed. They were the last American company to stop doing business with Iran, even while they knew full well the nation's objective is to see the collapse of the Western world. And they did so only after immense political pressure. Their CEO Jeffrey Immelt is as crooked as they come as well.

I would like to show Treasury Secretary Paulson the door but I fear the socialist that President-elect Obama will replace him with.

The federal government investing hundreds of billions of dollars it doesn't have in the first place into the private market?

I fell asleep last night in America and when I woke up this morning I was in Russia.

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