Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recipe For Disaster

Mrs. Clinton's name has been circulating around for some time now as President-elect Obama's choice as Secretary of State. Am I the only one who sees these two trying to work together as a potentially deadly combination?

The entire nation witnessed the ugly and smear-laden tone of the Democrat primaries as it neared the end. With the exception of her little performance at the convention, are we really to believe these two have made up?

Mrs. Clinton does not accept orders from anyone; much less a political rival who defeated her in a race which she thought was hers to win.

What if President Obama decides a foreign policy course of action that she does not agree with? Will she attempt to sell it anyway? I believe her pride would hinder her ability to do so. And as I have said before: Two different foreign policies are far more dangerous than a single, yet flawed one.

Secretary of State is not a political position; it is one of duty and service to the president in order to further his foreign policy agenda. If Mrs. Clinton wishes to take cheap shots at the "vast right wing conspiracy" and even the newly anointed leader of her own party, she should remain a senior senator from New York.

She does not hide the fact that her presidential aspirations are far from over. She might even have the audacity to challenge a Democrat incumbent president in 2012 if Obama does not live up to her standards.

This nation can not afford a Secretary of State who will be campaigning while trying to contain an increasingly hostile relationship with Iran; control a nuclear North Korea; and save rapidly dissolving ties with Russia.

Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State?

A risk we can not afford to take.

I think Bubba is pushing her to take this though because at least it would get her out of the house more often.

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