Friday, November 14, 2008

Angry Republicans

The presidential election has been over for ten days now and a sizable number of angry Republicans still remain. Sadly, they continue to preach their messages of partisanship and animosity on their websites.

I am not saying the GOP needs to remain silent for the next four years. I criticize President-elect Obama as often as anyone but I do it with respect and it does not get personal. I also try to present sufficient evidence for any allegations I make.

Rush, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham are all on board to rebuild the party and retool a winning message. So why can't the amateurs pick up the cue and advance this party forward?

A perfect example lies within a group blog entitled Conservative Strong AARM (All American Resistance Movement). Their mantra- S.T.R.O.N.G. means Standing Tall, Resisting Obama, Never Giving up. Catchy, don't you think?

I would like to share a brief excerpt:

"The election of Barack Hussein Obama was not political. It was cultural. This is the end result of years and years of dumbing down American education, feminizing boys, infantilizing adults, extending adolescence into the 30's..."

It's depressing that this site is operated by a group of individuals because that means there is more than one of these loons among us.

I will not dwell on this point much longer but I do feel it is important to call out members of the party who are standing in the way of progress. And it is important to remember that the left has the same extreme members preaching their own version of hate.

But by repudiating heinous remarks from so-called "conservatives", there is a clear distinction between the parties. Much of the left remains silent when insults the troops or 9/11 Truthers allege the tragedy was in fact a government conspiracy.

So let's work to return this party to prominence by returning to conservative roots, rebuilding a tarnished reputation and standing firmly behind the president-elect.

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